About Pacifica


Located at the Va. Beach Ocean Front on the corner of 40th and Pacific Ave., Pacifica is the perfect North End bistro. From our nightly specials to our Hot and Cold tapas Pacifica will draw you in with its inviting fireplace and cozy lounge.

ta · pas [ t á a p a à s ] plural noun
Spanish snacks; small savory snacks that are often served as an appetizer along with alcoholic drinks, originally in Spain [Mid-20th century. Plural of Spanish tapa “cover, lid.”]

cock ·tails [ kók tàyls ] plural noun
gathering to consume alcoholic beverages; a gathering where alcoholic beverages are consumed, sometimes with light snacks, often taking place before another planned event [Early 17th century. Originally “having a tail like a cock,” later “horse with docked tail (that sticks up)” (used for carthorses), hence “non-thoroughbred racehorse,” hence “mixture.”]

Customer Reviews


I’ll be going here every time I roll through Virginia Beach. Locally sourced ingredients for their tapas. I’ve been there twice, and the second time the menu was almost completely different from the first, so I won’t bother telling you what I had, except for dessert. The s’mores are fun, especially if you are there with friends. They give you the ingredients in an old school chinese pupu platter, complete with fire, so you can make them yourself. Pretty sweet. The food was great, and they have a great selection of beers.
Adam S., Panama City, FL
Everything from the charcuterie to the drinks to the salmon and pork butt, to the bartender (Mike), were great. Sit at the bar and enjoy the flavors and general atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed. Tons of mixed drinks and 6 taps. Have fun!
Lauren B., Washington DC
Great place casual place, food is 5 star I have worked for some great chefs and this place is right up there.
Nick D., Danville, VA



  • Spiked Brussels Sprouts$7
  • Pork & Beef Chili $6
  • Fish Pie $9
  • Magret Duck Breast $17
  • Smoked Poached Pear Salad$8
  • Tabbouleh$6
  • Fennel Salad$5