About Crackers


Crackers was voted one of the top 60 neighborhood restaurants in the U.S. by inSTYLE magazine in 2003. This ultra funky martini and tapas bar will quickly become your favorite neighborhood spot, even if you don’t live in the neighborhood.

ta · pas [ t á a p a à s ] plural noun
Spanish snacks; small savory snacks that are often served as an appetizer along with alcoholic drinks, originally in Spain [Mid-20th century. Plural of Spanish tapa “cover, lid.”]

cock ·tails [ kók tàyls ] plural noun
gathering to consume alcoholic beverages; a gathering where alcoholic beverages are consumed, sometimes with light snacks, often taking place before another planned event [Early 17th century. Originally “having a tail like a cock,” later “horse with docked tail (that sticks up)” (used for carthorses), hence “non-thoroughbred racehorse,” hence “mixture.”]

Customer Reviews


The best drinks in all of Tidewater. Steve Scott is an amazing bartender and always makes me and my group feel super special. The food is great and I like how the specials are always different and that the menu changes seasonally. Definitely a place I always come back to when I’m in town
Brittany B., Miami Beach, FL
Late night kitchen, cheap good beers, romantic atmosphere. What else could you want? Went on a date night with my girlfriend and was actually impressed with Norfolk for once. This place is an absolute hidden gem. I will be coming back for sure.
Tyler H., Hampton, VA



    • Shishito Peppers$8
    • Fried Shepherd’s Pie $11
    • Parisian Gnocchi Carbonara $15
    • Lamb Shank Kaldereta$22
    • Edamame$5
    • Cherry Tomato Caprese$8
    • Mushroom Tamal $9
    • Cheese Plate$12